Director: Prof. Christidis G.



Mailing address: Technical University of Crete School of Mineral Resources Engineering University Campus, Kounoupidiana, 73100 Chania, Greece


Research Objectives:

  • Environmental Geochemistry (inorganic & organic) focusing on:
    • Geochemistry of lignite and lignitic ashes
    • Pedology in regards with the soil remediation of mines
    • Behaviour of heavy/toxic metals and organic toxic compounds in soils and underground waters
    • Adsorption of organic compounds and heavy metals in industrial minerals – emphasis in wastes
    • Geochemistry of heavy and toxic metals in sea sediments
  • Soil Geochemistry
  • Organic Geochemistry of coals and hydrocarbons with emphasis in bio-indicators
  • Analysis of pigments and plasters in wall paintings and other works of art


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D. Pentari

Chemist, PhD Geochemistry


pentari [at]

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D. Katsimicha

Mineral Resources Engineer, MSc


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