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Mailing address: Technical University of Crete School of Mineral Resources Engineering University Campus, Kounoupidiana, 73100 Chania, Greece



  1. Quality control for the mineral industry. Sampling, laboratory testing, statistical quality
    control and quality assurance.
  2. Health and Safety in Mining (underground/surface mines and quarries) and in underground
    constructions (tunnels, excavations etc.).
  3. Application of simulation techniques, including statistical and geostatistical methods, neural
    networks, fuzzy and expert systems, in diverse sectors of the mineral industry (exploration,
    exploitation, quality control, assessment of occupational and environmental risk).
  4. Mine planning and design.


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Stella Raka

Mineral Resources Engineer, MSc


sraka [at]

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Anthoula Vasiliou

Mineral Resources Engineer, MSc

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Athanasia Soultana

Mineral Resources Engineer, MSc

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Ioannis Palogos

Emvironmental Engineer, MSc

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 Vasilis Deligiorgis

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