Director: Prof. Komnitsas K.

+30 28210 37686

Mailing address: Technical University of Crete School of Mineral Resources Engineering University Campus, Kounoupidiana, 73100 Chania, Greece


Laboratory objective:

The objective of the research unit is the research on innovative mining and metallurgical waste management and soil rehabilitation technologies towards environmental protection and sustainable industrial development.

Scientific - Technical Assistants

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Dr. Zaharaki D. 

Mineral Resources Engineer, PhD


zaharaki [at]

Equipment & Instrumentation


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Dr. Bartzas G.

School of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering, National Technical University Athens

gbartzas [at]


Dr. Kritikaki A.

Mineral Resources Engineer, PhD


akritik [at]


PhD Students

MSc Students

Manousaki K.

Agriculturist, MSc

kmanous [at]


Vlachou A. 

Mineral Resources Engineer


avlachou [at]


 Dr. Bazdanis G.

 Mineral Resources Engineer, PhD


 gbazdan [at]



Katsimiha D.

Mineral Resources Engineer, MSc


dekatsi [at]


Pyliotis I.

Geologist, MSc.


ipyliotis [at]




Assist. Prof. Hatem Alsyouri, University of Jordan

alsyourih [at]

Visited the School of Mineral Resources Engineering in the frame of ERASMUS-MUNDUS program (June-July 2013)


 Dr Mazen Alshaaer, Visiting scholar, specialized in Materials Engineering

 mazen72 [at]

 Visited School of Mineral Resources Engineering in the frame of ERASMUS program (June-July 2011)

Xiangyun Guo, Agricultural Engineer, PhD student

guo-xiangyun [at]

 Completed a part of her PhD studies in MRED between September 2008-August 2009, with a scholarship from Chinese Scholarship foundation.

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