Equipment and Instrumentation

  • Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS) Fisson MD-800
  • Gas Chromatographs (GC), HP5890 and Perkin-Elmer-8700
  • Liquid Chromatograph (ΗPLC) Waters
  • Infrared Spectrometer (FT-IR) Perkin-Elmer Spectrum 1000
  • Solid phase microextraction device (SPME)
  • Solid phase extraction unit (SPE)
  • Purge & Trap device for sample injection in GC or GC-MS,
  • Pyrolysis gas chromatography unit (Py-GC)
  • Thermal desorption device for sample injection GC or GC-MS
  • Rock-Eval II pyrolysis system for the characterization of organic matter in rocks and soils
  • CHNS-O Analyzer, elemental analyzer for the determination of the % of C, H, N, S and contained in organic, inorganic and polymeric materials.
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