Equipment & Instrumentation

  • Crushing and grinding equipment (jaw crusher, pruning crusher, cutting mill, ball mill, rifflers).
  • Dry and wet sieving equipment.
  • Proximate analysis equipment (programmable furnaces for moisture and ash analysis, TGA for volatiles analysis).
  • High speed centrifuge.
  • High speed homogenizer.
  • Leaching ash equipment.
  • Fixed bed pyrolysis reactor.
  • Fixed-bed/ fluidized-bed reactor (cold-model).
  • Pre-pilot fluidized-bed system (hot model).
  • Mass spectrometer.
  • IR gas analyzers.
  • Thermogravimetric analyzer (TG.DTG/MS).
  • Auxiliary equipment (top loading balance, analytical balance, condensers, ultrasonic bath).
  • Pre-pilot plant of heat production from biomass.
  • Equipment for fuel and ash analyses in collaboration with other laboratories (CHNS, HHV, BET, Laser particle size analyzer, SEM, XRD, XRF, Atomic Absorption, ICP, Heating microscope for fluid temperatures, DTA, FTIR etc.)
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