Research projects

  1. Development of improved hydrogenation catalysts for coal-derived liquids (Joule, EC, 1989-1990).
  2. Development of partial catalytic oxidation of methane for the production of C2 hydrocarbons (Joule, EC,1990-1991).
  3. Qualitative upgradement of carbonaceous seams from Komanos mine by selective grinding (ELKE TUC, 1993-1994).
  4. Study on combustion of pulverized coal and plastic wastes under conditions simulating blast furnace injection (COMMET STAND BC, EC, 1994).
  5. Increase of the local potential for the recycling of used oils (EPET II, GSRT, 1995-1998).
  6. Rational use of energy in agriculture- The case of olive oil residues (Save, EC, 1996-1998).
  7. Revamping of the program of studies and its tentative application (EPEAEK, Ministry of Education, 1997-2000).
  8. Combustion behavior of clean fuels in power generation (Energy, EC, 2000-2003).
  9. Advanced coal demineralization (ECSC, EC, 2000-2004).
  10. Bioenergy chains from perennial crops in S. Europe: (ΕΝΚ6-CT2001-00524, EC, 2001-2005)
  11. Study on the use of Greek lignites as adsorbing materials of gaseous pollutants (EPAN, GSRT, 2003-2006)
  12. Revamping of the program of studies of the Department of Mineral Resources Engineering (EPEAK, Ministry of Education, 2003-2005)
  13. “Nuclear” Energy from Peaches (CRINNO, EC and Region of Crete, 2005-2006)
  14. Revamping the Undergraduate Curriculum of the Dept. of Mineral Resources Engineering (EPEAK, Ministry of Education, 2006-2008)
  15. Prototype Unit for Biomass Combustion (Programme Regional Innovation Pole of Crete, GSRT, 2006-2008)
  16. Demonstration of large scale biomass co-firing and supply chain integration: (FP7 DEBCO, EC, 2008-2011)
  17. Εconomic Modeling and Assessment of CCS (Carbon Capture and Sequestration) Implenetation in Europe (Programme FENCO-ERA.NET, GSRT, 2009-2010)
  18. Strategies to improve and protect soil quality from the disposal of olive oil mills’ wastes in the Mediterranean region (LIFE07/ENV/GR/000280, EC, 2009-2012)
  19. Best practices for agricultural WASTEs (AW) treatment and REUSE in the Mediterranean countries (LIFE10/ENV/GR/594, EC, 2011-2015)
  20. Development of an integrated Methodology for the management, treatment and valorisation of hazardous waste (WasteVal) (Program Thalis, Greek Ministry of Education, 2012-2016).
  21. Sustainable strategies for the improvement of seriously degraded agricultural areas: The example of Pistachia vera L (LIFE11/ENV/GR/951, EC, 2012-2016)
  22. Ανάλυση χημικής σύστασης και μικροδομής προσροφητών διοξειδίου του άνθρακα (National Centre of Research and Technological Development Ε.Κ.Ε.Τ.Α., 2013)                   
  23. Optimization of Clean Fuels performance for low carbon emissions Source of Funding: GSRT (Programme ARISTIA II No 4466, GSRT, 2014-2016)     

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