In general, a period of full-time study at the University is highly desirable in order that students may benefit from close association with faculty members and other graduate students working in the same field of study.

For this purpose the academic year is divided into semesters: Fall semester (September – January inclusive), Winter semester (February – July inclusive). The residency requirements for the Master’s and PhD degrees are as follows:

  • For the Doctoral degree: For a student with a relevant degree in Engineering (5 year study), the minimum residency requirement is 6 (six) semesters. For a student with a relevant Master's degree, the minimum residency requirement is 4 (four) semesters.
  • For Master's degrees: the minimum residency requirement is 4 (four) semesters. However, especially the for Master's degree programs, it is recognized that in certain circumstances part of the work can be performed effectively, either partially or completely, on a part-time basis. In such cases, the formal residency requirement may be satisfied by taking individual courses over a period of several years or by conducting the research project off-campus but under the supervision of an Advisory Committee.

Proposals for all such individual study programs that involve less than the formally required residency time at the University will be considered based on their merits by the General Assembly of the School. Such proposals should be submitted by the Graduate Program Committee during the admission period. Proposals to conduct the research project off-campus must include adequate assurances for the proper supervision of the project by experts in the field.

A candidate for the Doctorate may, with the consent of the Senate and the School, be granted up to one year's residency credit for doctoral research conducted at some other recognized research center, provided that the off-campus stay is deemed to be academically desirable.

All graduate students must register every year at the beginning of each semester. Failure to do so will be interpreted as withdrawal from the respective Graduate Program.

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