Grade & Performance


A student's final standing in a course will be indicated by a numeric grade from 1 to 10. Graduate credit for required courses will be given if a grade of 7 or higher is obtained. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 7.5 over all completed courses must be achieved. The number of required courses is determined by the School and is as follows:

  • For the Master's degree 5 courses are required
  • For a Doctorate degree 10 courses are required

The performance of students shall be considered unsatisfactory, if they either obtain a cumulative grade point average less than 7.5, or they obtain one or more grades below 7. In such cases, appropriate action will be taken by the School in consultation with the Graduate Program Committee. The students in question will be required either to take additional courses, to repeat courses, or to withdraw from the Graduate Program.

Graduate students may also officially register for courses on an AUDIT basis. A request for auditing a course must be approved by the General Assembly of the School, and the instructor of the course must agree to accept the student on a clearly defined basis as an AUDIT. If, at the end of the course, the student has fulfilled all the requirements set forth by the instructor and agreed to by the student, the instructor will inform the Registrar and the course will be retained as an AUDIT course on the transcript. If the student does not fulfill the requirements, the course will be deleted from the transcript. Courses which are taken in addition to the requirements of the Program will be so indicated on the transcript, and such courses are not subject to the above regulations.

The students are required to complete certain seminar courses satisfactorily, but no grade will be given for these courses. Such courses will receive a CREDIT on the transcript. The grade of INC (Incomplete) is awarded only on the basis of illness supported by medical evidence, or other unusual circumstances upon the recommendation of the faculty member (or members) teaching the course, and with the approval of the General Assembly of the School.

An INC grade that remains on a student's record by the end of the term following the submission of the INC, will be converted to a grade 4 (four) unless specific arrangements to extend the period of holding the INC status are approved by the General Assembly of the School. If a course extends beyond the normal duration (e.g. a reading course or a seminar-type course that extends over one year), an INP (In Progress) grade may be used until the course is completed.

In order to register and maintain graduate student status, a candidate for a degree or diploma must achieve and maintain satisfactory academic performance at all times. A student whose academic performance is not considered satisfactory by the General Assembly of the School may be required to withdraw from the Graduate Program.

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