The subject of the thesis must be approved by the School at least six months before the Convocation during which the candidate expects to receive the degree. The master's thesis must demonstrate the candidate's competence to undertake independent research work. It must make a contribution to knowledge in the candidate's field of study. The thesis must show that the candidate is fully aware of the pertinent published material and it must be written in a satisfactory literary style. It should be free of typographical and other errors. The thesis must at first be examined by the School. If approved, it shall then be submitted to an Examining Board appointed by the Chairman of the School concerned or a delegate (or in the case of an interdisciplinary thesis, the Chairmen of the Schools concerned or their delegates).

The Examining Board shall be constituted in accordance with the following regulations:

  1. Examining Boards shall consist of at least three persons.
  2. No more than two persons who have been formally involved in the supervision of the candidate may serve on the Examining Board.
  3. Members of the Board who were involved in the supervision of the candidate must constitute a minority.
  4. At least one of the non-supervising members of the Board must be from a School other than the one in which the candidate has studied. In the case of a master's thesis this requirement, although not mandatory, is desirable.
  5. The chairman of an Examining Board shall be a member of the candidate's School and shall not have been formally involved in the supervision of the candidate.

The Board may also include an external reader. Should the Board approve the thesis, it shall then examine the candidate orally. The oral examination will be chaired by the Chairman of the student's School, who will not vote. Other members of the University Faculty may participate in the examination but shall not vote. The Chairman shall report the decision of the Examining Board to the Rector of the Technical University of Crete. The thesis must conform in all respects to the regulations governing the presentation of theses approved by the Technical University of Crete.

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