The work upon which the dissertation is based must have been done by the candidate under the direction of an approved Advisory Committee. The dissertation must demonstrate the candidate's competence to undertake independent research work, and it must contribute significantly to the existing knowledge in the candidate's field of study. The contribution must be of sufficient merit to suggest publication in an appropriate scholarly journal or other form. The dissertation must show that the candidate is fully aware of the pertinent published material, and it must be written in a satisfactory literary style. It should be free from typographical, grammatical, syntactic and scientific errors.

The title of the dissertation must be approved by the School at least one year before the Convocation during which the candidate expects to receive the degree. The dissertation will be examined by the School, and if approved, shall then be submitted to an Examining Board appointed by the General Assembly of the School.

The Examining Board shall consist of the candidate's supervisor, two faculty members from the School, and four other members (external examiners) recommended by the General Assembly of the School. The  General Assembly of the School shall name one member of the Board other than the candidate's supervisor as chairman. Should the Board upon examining the dissertation find it acceptable, the Board shall then proceed with the oral examination of the candidate.

The Examining Board shall decide whether the candidate shall be recommended for the degree. The oral examination shall be open to all members of the University Faculty. They will be permitted to question the candidate but shall have no vote. The Rector or Associate Rector will chair the oral examination. On the recommendation of the candidate's Examining Board, the dissertation may be returned to the student for minor corrections. The candidate must make such corrections and return the corrected copies of the dissertation to the Dean’s office before being recommended for a degree.

The dissertation must conform in all respects to the regulations governing the presentation of dissertations approved by the General Assembly of the School. Copies of these regulations may be obtained on request from the Secretariat. The submission of dissertations to the Technical University of Crete is possible at any time of the year.

Candidates who have not taken undergraduate courses sufficiently related to the major subject of advanced study, and equivalent in quality to courses offered in this University, shall be required to undertake such preparatory work as may be prescribed by the School. The residency requirements for the doctor's degree are given here. Specific language requirements are set by the School offering a doctoral program.

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