Graduate students whose research interests cross over disciplinary lines may enroll for a joint graduate degree at the doctor's or the master's level. Graduate students who have a substantial part of their course work outside the discipline in which they received their undergraduate training, may enroll for such a joint graduate degree.

Candidates for a joint degree must meet the regular admission requirements. A candidate will be admitted into such a program with the approval of the faculty member(s) who will supervise the research, and the Faculties or Schools involved. The graduate student's research must be directly supervised by one or more faculty members. In addition, each student should have an Advisory Committee of two or more faculty members from the appropriate disciplines.

The course program of the graduate student should be analogous to that of graduate students in the Schools involved, and it must be approved by those Schools. If the graduate program requires writing a thesis, a thesis proposal must be submitted to the Schools concerned. Any issues arising due to different degree requirements in the Schools involved should be resolved by the interdisciplinary groups concerned or by the Dean.

The exact designation of the degree received shall in each case be determined by the Technical University of Crete upon recommendation by the Schools concerned.

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