Research Activities

The following is a list of funded research projects conducted in the Department, presented in no specific order. Some of the links below lead to the respective project web sites.

  • GAVDOS, Coordinator Prof. S. Mertikas
  • NANOSPONGE (Last update: June 2001)
  • CATIPRO(Last update: June 2001)
  • DIAS(Last update: May 2004), Coordinator Prof. G. Exadaktylos
  • McDUR (Last update: November 2004), Coordinator Prof. G. Exadaktylos
  • 3F Corinth (Last update: February 2004), Coordinator Prof. G. Exadaktylos
  • MONUMENTS (Last update: November 1998), Coordinator Prof. G. Exadaktylos
  • Prevention of groundwater contamination from wastes disposed in mining and metallurgical sites with the use of Permeable Reactive Barriers, funded by Alexander Onassis Foundation (Last update: January 2005), Coordinator Prof. K. Komnitsas
  • Innovative technologies for the management of mining and metallurgical wastes, funded by the Greek Ministry of Education, Coordinator Prof. K. Komnitsas
  • INDUWASTE: Management and remediation of hazardous industrial wastes in the Western Balkan Countries, Coordinator Prof. K. Komnitsas
  • PREWARC: Strategic plan for prevention of regional water resources contamination from mining and metallurgical activities in Western Balkan Area, Coordinator Prof. K. Komnitsas
  • INTREAT:Integrated treatment of industrial wastes towards prevention of regional water resources contamination (Last update: March 2005), Coordinator Prof. K. Komnitsas
  • INSWAB: Integrated industrial solid waste management in Albania (Last update: December 2008), Coordinator Prof. K. Komnitsas
  • ACTIVATION: Superhigh energy ball milling, with the help of novel laboratory and industrial planetary mills, applied to the development of new materials and technologies based on particle size reduction and mechanical activation. (Last update: September 2006)
  • SPATSTAT: Development of Spartan Spatial Random Field Models for Geostatistical Applications, (Last update: April 2007), Coordinator Prof. D. Hristopoulos
  • PRB-Cleanup: Optimization of Permeable Reactive Barriers performance for the Clean up of contaminated by heavy metals leachates and groundwater (PRB-Cleanup), Coordinator Prof. K. Komnitsas
  • Sino-Greek Cooperation: Integrated rehabilitation options in contaminated areas and waste disposal sites using novel methodologies, Coordinator Prof. K. Komnitsas
  • BridgSeismTime: Bridging the timescales in fault-slip accumulation: from the earthquake record to the geological record, Coordinator Prof. D. Hristopoulos
  • SARMa: Sustainable Aggregate Resource Management, Coordinator Prof. Z. Agioutantis


Other programs

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