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Welcome to the site of the School of Mineral Resources Engineering of the Technical University of Crete!

The School was founded in 1983 and admitted its first students in 1987. Its purpose has been the education of engineers to perform a wide spectrum of scientific / technological activities, aiming to search for, utilise and process mineral raw materials and energy resources in a sustainable way. The development of environmental geo-technology is another aim of the Faculty. 

The School has an integrated study program leading to a Diploma in Engineering (M.Eng) and Post-Graduate programs leading to MSc and PhD degrees.  It has a strong research infrastructure of 12 laboratories and 8 research groups. Thus, it can offer to its students the necessary tools in order to face the challenges of today's and future highly technical labor market  successfully.

The School comprises the following  three divisions, each of which includes a number of relative desciplines:

• Division of Positioning and Exploration of Mineral Resources

• Division of Mining Technology

• Division of Minerals Exploitation

Addressing today's demands and ideas for science and technology, the School of Mineral Resources Engineering puts a strong emphasis on the development of novel disciplines or subjects that have not been adequately developed up to now in Greece. It continuously updates its curriculum, while its orientation is constantly guided by the research interests of its members. Thus, it follows the state of the art in technology and sustainable development, keeping always in mind the sequence of human, mineral resources, environment and economical development.

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