Graduate Program in Geotechnology and the Environment

General Information


The Schoolof Mineral Resources Engineering directs a Program of Graduate Studies in the field of Geotechnology and the Environment. The Program offers Master of Science in Engineering (M.Sc.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Degrees.

The Graduate Program in Geotechnology and the Environment focuses on the study of issues related to mineral resources exploration and exploitation and their impact on the environment. The objective of the program is to provide future engineers and researchers with the necessary knowledge and technical skills for contributing to the development of novel, environmentally friendly methods for the exploitation of mineral resources. The Program aims to provide its graduates with a modern education that will enable them to pursue successful careers in academic or applied research or to follow professional careers in the mineral resources industry as engineers and entrepreneurs.

Contact: Secretariat

Duration: The typical length of study is 2 years for the M.Sc., and 3 years for the Ph.D. Candidates for the M.Sc. degree must complete the degree requirements within 3 (three) years from the date of enrollment. Candidates for the Ph.D. degree must complete the degree requirement within 6 (six) years from the date of enrollment. For a master's degree taken entirely on a part time basis, the time limit to be applied will be determined at the time of admission into the program. For the doctorate taken entirely on a part-time basis, the maximum length of study is seven years. An extension of the length of study may be granted in exceptional circumstances, contingent on approval by the School.

Fees: None.

Course registration: The deadline for course registration, including changes in the initial registration plan, is four weeks after the date of commencement for the graduate courses. The course plan of each student must be approved by the respective Advisory Committee.

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